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Job search and postings

Co-op jobs are posted online in the Student Life Portal. You can only access co-op postings once your co-op work term eligibility is determined. You should check job postings daily, as jobs are posted any time during regular business hours throughout the term. You will typically have three business days to apply to each job (unless the deadline falls on a Friday evening, in which case it would be moved to the following Monday evening.)

You may apply to any and all jobs posted to your discipline. All co-op job postings are approved by the Co-op Office to ensure appropriate learning and work opportunities. You are responsible for applying job postings by the application deadline noted within each posting.

Apply to job postings on the Student Life Portal

Using your Ontario Tech login, you will submit job applications for each co-op position you want to apply to. You are responsible for ensuring application packages are complete, professional, and error-free. Some companies require additional documents or require you to apply through their own website rather than through the Student Life Portal. You should review the job posting carefully and follow the instructions in the job posting.

Application rates

To remain eligible for the co-op program, you must actively engage in the job search process throughout the job search term. This involves applying to a minimum of 40 positions posted to their discipline in the Student Life Portal. While students are encouraged to apply to all relevant job postings and proactively search for opportunities beyond the Student Life Portal, the minimum requirement must be met to ensure continued eligibility in the co-op program. Failure to maintain engagement in the job competition may result in jeopardizing your success in finding a work term placement. If you need support to meet these requirements, reach out to your program’s Co-op Coordinator for assistance.

Self-directed job search

Students who find their own co-op job must obtain Co-op Office approval. Once submitted, the job is reviewed by your Co-op Coordinator to ensure adequate learning opportunities relevant to the student’s academic requirements. The Co-op Office generally contacts the employer to confirm employment details. Once approved, you may accept the position as a co-op work term.

Note: Finding your own placement does not exempt you from paying required co-op fees.