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Interviews and job offers


You will be notified by email when you have an interview invitation, but are advised to check the Student Life Portal daily for interview invitations as well. You generally have 24 hours to sign up for an interview. Failure to sign up for an interview counts as a missed interview. Students who miss one or more interviews may have access to job postings withdrawn.

You should check the Student Life Portal regularly to increase the likelihood of reserving a convenient timeslot. If it is not possible to attend an interview at the proposed time or place, you must notify the Co-op Office immediately to make alternate arrangements.

Job offers

After the interview, the employer will inform our office of the successful candidate's name, and we will extend a job offer to you on their behalf. Alternatively, the employer may directly contact you with a job offer following the interview. In such cases, you must promptly notify our office of the offer to keep us informed. If you accept the job offer, you may receive a letter of offer from the employer that contains final instructions.

Once you accept a job offer, you must withdraw from other interviews and applications. If you have pending interviews, you must notify our office of their confirmed co-op job. Once you accept a co-op job, you are obligated to fulfill their responsibilities and are not allowed to withdraw from co-op.